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 CLN BF3 Submit Cheater Guide & Template

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PostSubject: CLN BF3 Submit Cheater Guide & Template   CLN BF3 Submit Cheater Guide & Template Icon_minitimeThu Feb 16, 2012 10:55 pm

Cheater / Hacker Accusations:
We do not tolerate cheating or hacking the game of any kind. If you suspect a hacker on Camp Leatherneck game servers, you must back it up with proof: screen shot or in game video, approximate time, time zone, date and in game name of suspect. As much as we do tolerate cheating, we must be sure with proof before banning a good player out. We simply cannot ban a player every time someone "cries wolf" at every player, or claims cheater or hacker. If on CLN Server, submit info here in "Submit Cheater Forum for review. We can manually ban player after reviewing all info & stats, so player will not be allowed back in on a CLN server.

Server Rules Here:

Please note, we check ALL "hackusations" out thoroughly before making a decision to ban. We use and stream ban lists between Punkbuster, Metabans & GGC Stream lists. Our bans are streamed to any other server registered and setup with these services. What it basically is, registered memebers, servers share there ban lists, if they are banned out of another server running Metabans OR GGC streams, it keeps them out of our server also! So, with that being stated, we must investigate and be sure before actually banning someone. We sure do not want to ban a good player out.

If you have spotted a cheater on Camp Leatherneck BF3 Server(s), please copy & paste template below into a new topic here.:

As much detail about the incident and preferably screenshots. Please be forewarned that it is not always easy to determine what is really happening unless it is absolutely obvious.

You may warn us of people who you suspect, but if you lack any evidence, the post may be deleted.

- What CLN Server They Were On:

- Players Name:

- Reason (as much information as you can provide)

- Screenshot (is always best)

- Date

- Time

Player name, reason, date and time are mandatory (a screenshot to is always best).
Provide as much information as you can, date & time required so we can back track the server logs & game stats, scores.

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CLN BF3 Submit Cheater Guide & Template
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