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 Hello from DSBulldog

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PostSubject: Hello from DSBulldog   Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:35 pm

Hello [CLN]:

Me name is Drew...I am 32 and I play on your 24/7 Operation Metro server as [1024] DSBulldog or some of you may have seen me as Ten24-Bulldog. My dad Canoneer plays on your 24/7 Operation Metro server a lot. I am currently still a member of Team Ten24 and have been with them for many years. My team members of Ten24 like to start playing BF3 around 9pm EST. and I am one that seems to settle down for the night at that time, so I like to play after a rough day at work around 5pm or 6pm EST. and when I get on your Metro server around them times it seems to be populated where ours seems to be always empty at that time. I believe by playing during these time frames for several months now I have become addicted to the Operation Metro map...I would probably get my butt whooped if I went to play another map. Anyways....thanks CLN for allowing me to have an awesome time on your 24/7 Operation Metro server...I look forward to playing with you all very soon.

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PostSubject: Re: Hello from DSBulldog   Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:32 am

Nice to meet you DSBulldog, and your dad to!

And yes I have seen ya, your welcome here anytime! I'm in Augusta GA, so same time zone. We try and get in between 5-7 or pm to try and get Metro going. It has been filling up pretty well lately, but tonight for example never got over think it was 16-20. I was with another group or "clan" since October release played and Admin'd there server,, and decided to leave and go off on my own bout 2 months ago.

So we are gradually gaining regulars and members here at forum and Platoon on B-log. If you read my intro, I'm don't fly jets, heli's and not a tanker, so I stick to the close quarter combat style map.......... METRO. We try our best to keep it in control and good gameplay for all,, but sometimes it's damn near impossible. As you know, base rape, happens very easliy in Metro. We try to control it the best way we can, but most are intent to keep doing what they want, warnings, encouragement to back up, etc. And the response is "pussy admins getting butthurt...",,, NO I'm on your damn raping team, back off there base! I and other Admins have switched over the the "raped" loosing team to try our best to get them out of the rape situation,, so we take the kill deaths, take the loss on our stats and all. And most of the time trying to Admin in game i end up getting shot down or knifed not watching.

One guy just the other night, caught running past last C Flag area, warned and then kicked. Came right back in and chatted "you should of banned me Admin, because i don't care about your rules" ....................... Now what are we suppose to do about that, EASY, request honored.

Well anyway, glad ya found us DSBulldog

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Hello from DSBulldog
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