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 Howdy From South Texas!!

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PostSubject: Howdy From South Texas!!   Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:26 am

In-game nick is [FIRM]DeezNuhtzz. Real name is John. I'm 42, and I work in the oilfield as an Electronics Technician for Schlumberger. Ihave been playing FPS since the days of MoHAA. I started there, then went into BF 1942/DC, then CoD, , and America's Army 2.8.5,then BF2, BFBC2. All told, about 12 years of wasting time playing games, lol!!
Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Site looks great guys! Server is running better than ever too! See ya'll soon!
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PostSubject: Re: Howdy From South Texas!!   Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:43 am

Quite a impressive background there DeezNuhtzz!

One of the plugins in Procon,, "Procon Rulz" was, or I hope causing problems with disconnects, and crashing of the server. Was using for the Rocket, M320, MAV restrictions, and a few other auto text, and anti cheat scripts. Using another plugin in Procon called "Extreme Weapon Limiter",, and server seems much more stable. Knock on wood no crashes.........

Server seemed to lagging for all quite a bit, and if the server has ANY connection problem,,, it crashes and re-connects itself. I was lagging, rubberbanding out almost everytime in server, never did before. One night it emptied Metro, and the TDM server out, server did not crash, event log showed all "left server" all at the same time including me,,, and the TDM server.

Think any lag one might see now is players pc, or internet connection etc now

Server even crashed after new Virtual Dedicated Server box was built by eoreality.net AND location change. So had to start stripping out a few plugins to see if one of them was causing it.

Welcome Man!

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Howdy From South Texas!!
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