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 Well, guess I'll start off with myself

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PostSubject: Well, guess I'll start off with myself   Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:57 am

I'm 53, (yea you heard right) living in Georgia USA. I broke off from FPS gaming bout 10 years ago, tired of the computer upgrades, hackers and BS. Pre BF3 hype caught my eye and had the "itch" again to start playing. So, built a new pc, pre-ordered and here I am. Think I have improved much over the last 6 months, but not even close to where I was with FPS long ago. Have been called a "cheater" once or twice over the last 2 months, but that is a compliment for me!

I'm strickly a gunner, Assault or Support, I don't fly jets, Heli's and not a tanker, so I tend to stick to the close quarter gun battles. I was part of another clan since the start of BF3, but left them back in January 2012 to start my own group of players.

Now rented a server, slapped up this forum and trying to build on a good group of players for those who want to learn, play together and have some fun!

Some say I'm a bit hard on in game chat language, and racist remarks (hey I'm 53), but it's not the gaming environment or crowd I particular care for, really. Some are not as skilled as others, and it seems in on line FPS nowadays, when your to good your called a"hacker/cheater",, and when not not good enough your called a "noob" or "you suck". I don't particularly care for others in game provoking, harassing other players, or "trolling" the server looking for trouble by spamming the chat channel. Players come to play the game, it is not an AOL chat room. One player can provoke or turn entire game into a mess just by abusing the in game chat. I can deal with "rage" but if it goes to far, and gets others involved, I will show that player the server exit door.

My game nick name is after the soldier in the HBO series "The Pacific", Eugene Sledge, they called him SledgeHammer, thus the 1945 for the year of Iwo Jima.

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Well, guess I'll start off with myself
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