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 CLN Server Expiration Date

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PostSubject: CLN Server Expiration Date   CLN Server Expiration Date Icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2012 2:07 pm

2 remaining BF3 Game servers will expire, and shut down as of 9-3-12. This is final.
It was fun and looked promising back in January - June, making progress but the last 2 months servers have died completely. Regular members/players have dropped to 5 or 6 including myself, can't fill or populate even one server that way. 2 months trying to populate empty servers, that were once full servers, along, with the cost, time and hassle involved no longer interests me.

Thanks all for your help and support early on in the prior months. And a special thanks to CB Chief & Neisman for the prior months donations to help the cost.

Platoon/Clan will still be around for those who would like to stick together, without the expense/cost & time anymore of populating servers.

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CLN Server Expiration Date
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